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Custom Porting & Muzzle Breaks
Full Service Firearm Machine Shop

"We do not simply drill holes into the rifle barrel."
Offering the following services:

Firearm Alterations and Muzzle Breaks
Antique Firearm Restorations
Custom Sights & Mounts
Cutting and Crowning
Recoil Reduction * *
Screw-In Shotgun Chokes

* * Recoil Reduction (50%)

Muzzle Breaks: The "Muzzle Break" is a removable device threaded to your barrel. No velocity loss but far more expensive, same recoil reduction as porting. (Bluing may not match the barrel.)

Porting: A Break is machined in the last 1-1/2" of your barrel. All work is custom tailored to your rifles barrel, with or without sights. Accuracy is not physically effected, velocity loss of 30-50 Feet Per Second.

All porting is custom work depending on the type of barrel and sights. Remember, we do not simply drill holes into the rifle barrel.

Wood Working Shop
Full Service Wood Working Shop

Offering the following services:

Antique Firearm Restoration
Repair Broken or Cracked Stocks
Wooden Gun Stock Checkering
Custom built Stocks and Rifles
Refinishing for pistols, rifles and shotguns

Accurizing: We offer the following services to help you put that bullet on target every time:

  • Glass Bedding
  • Pillar Bedding
  • Barrel Floating
  • Target Crowning
  • Load Development
Can we repair broken stocks? WE SURE CAN!

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