Arctic Kote Gunmetal Protection

(aka Tr_Gunkote)

Arctic Kote is a baked-on polymer finish for all guns and all metals. We have found it to be superior to bluing, Parkerizing, Teflon and other metal finishes. It will withstand 500 hours of 5% salt spray, temperatures to 500*F and will resist cleaning fluids, most acids and alkaline cleaners. It is extremely tough, impact and scratch resistant and has good lubricating qualities.

Key Benefits

Arctic Kote was developed for use on military weapons. The United States Navy Seal Teams were the first to use this product. This was the coating which withstood their 500 hour submersion in the Atlantic Ocean and still met the military machine gun firing requirements.
Application of the Arctic Kote finish will rust proof, heat proof, and dry lubricate a product with a tough coating that will last for many years.
Arctic Kote is a thin hard coating that will give excellent protection from abrasion, .0004 thickness is ideal for close tolerance parts.
Outstanding corrosion protection, a minimum 500 hours salt spray at 5% salt.
Resistant to chemicals, oils, and solvents common to Firearms, Automotive, Aircraft and Machine Tool Industries.
Helps cool parts by dissipating heat. Arctic Kote will withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arctic Kote is available in Flat or Semi-Gloss
Colors: Black, Dark Gray, or Green

How we do it.

We start off with completely disassembling the firearm down to the last screw and spring. The pieces are cleaned and bead blasted to remove the old finish and make a clean surface for the adhesion of the product.

The firearm is then reassembled, checked for function, an oil is applied, it is wrapped and packaged for return shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix colors of "Arctic Kote" i.e., the green and black?

Yes, but not on the same part. We offer contrasting colors with green and black, where the barrel and action are one color, and the bolt, rings, bases and trigger etc. are another color. The contrast looks great on the 1911 type pistol. Any contrast coat increases the cost by $50.

How long will you have my gun?

We prefer a minimum of 4 guns to a batch. However, we will not keep your gun in the shop longer than 3 weeks even if it means we "Arctic Kote" your gun by itself.

How long does "Arctic Kote" last?

"Arctic Kote", if reasonably cared for, will last numerous lifetimes. It is the state of the art finish in the industry. It is not however, guaranteed against abuse or stupidity. We have guns, which have worn this coating for over 10 years with no faults. We have a Smith & Wesson 29 used for a demo at gun shows. It has over 800 hours submerged in a salt water fish tank with zero damage.

Can all parts be finished and will all metals hold the finish?

All metal parts, which can withstand 350 degrees F. can be finished. All metals will take the finish and will look the same when completed. The painted aluminum floor plate will now perfectly match the steel receiver and barrel.

Yes, we coat stainless steel and have perfect results. Many people like the durability of stainless guns but hate the shine. "Arctic Kote" allows you the best of both worlds.

How durable is Arctic Kote? Can it be scratched?

We have never had a gun returned with damage suffered from wood products, i.e., damaged carrying it through the woods. When you are walking in the alder thickets of Southern Alaska that is saying a lot. To drag your rifle up or down the mountain through the rocks will certainly cause damage. Remember, use REASONABLE care.

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