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Letter to our Gun Owning Customers

To our Customers, 

Some people consider a firearm to be a tool. We agree it is a tool but it is also a work of art. Hundreds of hours went into the creation of a fine firearm whether it is a shotgun, revolver or rifle. The effort that went into the design and creation is because it should function flawlessly year after year.

Unfortunately age, abrasion, the elements and neglect can mar the appearance, functionality and durability of the gun. We try to repair and reproduce the original fit and finish that came on the firearm. This means the edges and corners remain sharp, the screw holes flat and true all topped off by a deep and uniform color.

Quality is not just a word to us, it is our reputation. We have been providing gun owners with high quality service for over 15 years. Each and every year our business has grown and our antique gun restoration, rust proofing barrels and gunmetal protection, re-coil reduction, firearm repair and re-finishing and gun sales have increased because of the quality of our gunsmith services. Our reputation for providing fast and efficient quality firearm repair, gun sales, gun repair and antique rifle restoration is unmatched.

Our primary business is with custom gunsmithing, stock and barrel work, gun repair, antique rifle restoration and firearms sales in the Golden Heart of Alaska - Fairbanks. Additionally, we accept orders from individuals all over the United States and build custom rifles and firearms for many discriminating sportsmen Nationwide.

Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Gary & Nancy Junk
Owners & Proprietors

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